Customized Training Resources


Human Resource Services offers training on a variety of training topics that can be presented independently or as part of an ongoing series. These programs will be tailored to the needs of the group and the time available to present the information. Formats include whole day, half day and "lunch and learn." Contact HRS to discuss refresher classes or new topics.

For managers and supervisors

Course descriptions for the following topics are available below.

  • Fair and Effective Discipline
  • I-9 and Immigration Matters
  • Improving and Enhancing Employee Performance
  • Interviewing and Selecting Employees
  • Legal Responsibilities of Supervisors - FLSA
  • Legal Responsibilities of Supervisors -  FMLA
  • Violence in the Workplace - Prevention Strategies

Fair and Effective Discipline
This session will discuss employee problems involving performance, theft/dishonesty, and grooming. Learn how to handle negative employee responses to disciplinary action and how to administer the University of Missouri disciplinary policy.

I-9 and Immigration Matters
Learn the pitfalls of documentation, the right blanks to fill in, and the importance of timeliness. You will understand immigration issues associated with international workers, students and scholars. Learn to tame the bureaucratic beast.

Improving and Enhancing Employee Performance
Learn how to coach your employees using a face-to-face process to improve their performance. Learn to analyze and solve problems and use coaching techniques to communicate expectations, resolve behavioral issues and develop employee skills.

Interviewing and Selecting Employees
Learn how to select the best candidate for your job by understanding the legal side of interviewing, pitfalls and how to avoid them. You will learn how to prepare for and conduct the interview.

Legal Responsibilities of Supervisors - FLSA
This session will cover Federal and State minimum wage, shift differential, hours worked, overtime, compensatory time, call-in call-back and standby pay, travel time, recordkeeping, timesheets, volunteers, employment of minors and exemption status.

Legal Responsibilities of Supervisors -  FMLA
The Family Medical Leave Act and University policies will be discussed. Employees will learn signs to look for that will help determine if FMLA may be required, how to ensure employees are eligible for and receive this benefit and the legal implications of the FMLA

Violence in the Workplace - Prevention Strategies
The University of Missouri strives to provide a safe and secure work environment for all employees. This session will provide supervisors with practical suggestions and necessary tools for identifying risk factors for violence, reducing the potential for workplace violence, and responding to violent incidents. We will highlight relevant University policies, review supervisory responsibilities and identify available resources for handling intimidation, abuse, threats and acts of violence by employees, vendors, customers or unknown 3rd parties.