Grievance Procedure

The purpose of a grievance procedure is to provide an orderly mechanism through which employees may challenge policy interpretations or disciplinary actions.

Grievances are appropriate vehicles for bringing problems to the attention of supervision. They also help to identify areas where supervision has been either inconsistent in the issuance of disciplinary action or inappropriate in policy interpretations. All regular employees have the right to file a grievance and probationary or nonregular employees may process a grievance concerning issues of prohibited discrimination or application/interpretation of University policies and procedures.

Grievance Administration

Resolving grievances is a major function of a supervisor's job responsibilities. The main goal of grievance administration is to review employee disputes to determine if they can be resolved. 

Proper handling of the grievance process allows a supervisor to manage work units effectively and create a positive working environment. 

The Collected Rules and Regulations contain additional information as follows: