Appraisal forms differ based upon an employee’s assigned subfunction (union eligible, support task expert, subject matter professional, management, and leadership) within the organization but all utilize a consistent rating scale.  A complete list of titles and job codes along with the associated subfuction can be found in the Related Resources to the right. 

The appraisal forms for all employees include a set of competencies, the Success Factors.  They have been scaled to better represent each subfunction’s level and role in the organization.  Success Factors describe how you do the various duties of your job.

  • AccountabilityOwns decisions, outcomes, work products, etc. that are within the scope of one’s role.
  • CollaborationWorks inclusively to build trust and accomplish tasks, goals, and initiatives.
  • CommunicationProvides information clearly and accurately in various settings, ensuring understanding and participation.
  • Customer FocusUnderstands, anticipates, and appropriately responds to internal and/or external customers’ needs.
  • Diversity & InclusionValues differences by ensuring that all people are included, respected and can engage in their work to the best of their abilities.
  • JudgmentMakes appropriate decisions and evaluates risk and uncertainty to create optimal outcomes.
  • Time ManagementActively manages time to most effectively accomplish work, projects, objectives, and goals.

One additional, optional fill in the blank section also exists for support task expert, subject matter professional, management, and leadership subfunctions.  It can be used to capture another competency, job duty, or as a summary of overall goal completion to name just a few options.  For Union Eligible employees, a summary of job duties will be automatically populated into this section.

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