Annual Appraisal Process

The annual appraisal process occurs each year between March 15th and June 30th and consists of the following steps:

  1. Employee writes their self-appraisal (strongly encouraged, but optional)
  2. Supervisor drafts their appraisal of the employee's performance
  3. Supervisor's supervisor reviews and approves the appraisal
  4. Employee and supervisor meet to discuss the appraisal
  5. Employee completes the electronic sign-off acknowledging receipt (option to make comments)
  6. Supervisor reviews comments (if applicable) and finalizes

For convenience, myPerformanceExternal Link generates an automated notification to the person responsible each time there is a new task to complete.  If you are receiving notifications in error, please contact your department HR representative.

Using myPerformance Year Round

myPerformanceExternal Link can be used throughout the year to track Goals and Development Plans, log Feedback, and to upload performance-related documents.  These features are available to both employees and supervisors.  For more information, please visit the myPerformance training page.

Online and classroom training on using myPerformance is available to all participants.  Resource guides, presentations, and videos can be found on the myPerformance training page.  To schedule in person training, please contact your assigned HRP.

Specific questions regarding your account can be directed by email to myPerformance@missouri.eduMail To or by contacting the HR Service Center at (573) 884-6996.