The following guidelines are offered to assist departments in determining appropriate pay for student employees. They are merely guidelines for department reference. HR-101 Employee StatusExternal Link includes policy about who is eligible to be a student employee.

  Undergraduate & Graduate Students Graduate Assistantships (approved through Graduate Studies)
Characteristics Level I Level II Master's and Specialists Level Doctoral Student Level
Skills and Knowledge No special skills, training or work experience required. Ability to learn assigned tasks, understand and follow oral and written instructions, and communicate effectively with others. Work requiring some training, specialized skills or related experience. Work requires a specialized skill or area of knowledge, as well as previous related experience or training. Generally requires an advanced degree or enrollment in the pursuit of an advanced degree.
Supervision Received Frequent and direct supervision of work performed and outcomes. General supervision. Work is supervised by graduate faculty, administrative staff and/or principal investigators.
Supervision Exercised None. None. Functional supervision may be exercised over staff/students.
Scope of Work Tasks require short periods (hours) of time to complete with interaction internal to the unit. Tasks require a minimum amount of time (day(s)) to a period of a week to complete. Tasks are broad in scope, relevant to academic degree being pursued, and performed over the course of a semester or academic year.
Decision Making Skills None to little decision making involved with tasks. Some decisions made involving tasks performed. Makes frequent decisions regarding tasks, time, data; may evaluate performance of others. Manages own workload.
Training/Advice Given Only a minimal amount of on-the-job training is required to enable the employee to perform the job satisfactorily. General or limited guidance or instruction is given. Minimal guidance or instruction is given. May mentor peers or undergraduate students.
Examples of Tasks Filing, reception, sorting/delivering mail, word processing, manual labor. Clerical Assistant, data entry operator, lab helper, manual labor, peer advising, switchboard operations, IT user support. Teaching and instructing students, advanced independent lab work, lab supervisor, library technician.
Examples of Titles Student Assistants at the Clerical, Crafts & Service, Information Technology or Technical level. Student Assistants at the Clerical, Crafts & Service, Information Technology, Research, Teaching or Technical level, Graduate Assistant, and Peer Learning Ast. Graduate Fellow, Graduate Instructor, Graduate Library Ast., Graduate Research Ast., Graduate Teaching Ast.
Suggested Pay Range $9.45 - $10.35 $9.45 - $13.56 See Chart Below

See Chart Below


FTE Duration of appointment (months) Masters/Specialist Level minimum stipend AY2021-2022 Doctoral Level minimum stipend AY2021-2022
0.25 9 $8,194 $9,013
0.25 12 $10,926 $12,018
0.25 per semester $4,097 $4,506.50
0.50 9 $16,389 $18,026
0.50 12 $21,852 $24,036
0.50 per semester $8,194 $9,013
0.25 summer $910.50 $1001.50
0.50 summer $1821 $2003
0.25 9-month stipend, monthly over 10 months $819.40 $901.30
0.50 9-month stipend, monthly over 10 months $1,638.90 $1802.60