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What Is the Student Support Services Job Family?
The Student Support Services job family encompasses professional and managerial jobs principally focused on students' out of the classroom learning by providing social, cultural and educational programs and opportunities.

Which positions were included in the Salary Study?
The 117 titles included in the Staff Job Title and Salary Study affect about 400 employees in the Division of Student Affairs, Division of Enrollment Management, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, and other student-services related areas across academic divisions.

What were the goals of the Staff Job Title and Salary Study?
The goals of this pilot study were to review, revise, and improve the MU compensation and classification program. In pursuit of this goal, the university developed a meaningful hierarchy of the different types of work performed at the university, within jobs in the study.  The process of developing this hierarchy and the value of those jobs is called job evaluation.  In this study, the university utilized a new job evaluation method.

Who conducted the Study?
Staff from MU Human Resource Services, representatives from the divisions primarily affected by the study and consultants from the firm Towers Watson formed the team that conducted the study.

How did you go about evaluating jobs?
It was first determined whether a job is a supervisor/manager or individual contributor. 
Then seven factors were assessed to further determine the job's role and grade level within the university: 

  • The knowledge required to perform the work
  • The expertise in the job, the related areas affecting the job, and areas which the job affects
  • The leadership exhibited in the job
  • The independence with which the job operates
  • The influence of the job on other entities within the department, division and campus
  • The impact of the job - both the type of impact and the scope of impact on the work team, department, division and campus
  • The interpersonal and communication skills required

When did the study begin and end?
The study began in January of 2010 and will be completed by the summer of 2011.

Will my pay be affected by the study?
No one's pay will decrease as a result of the study.  However, there may be circumstances where an employee's pay could increase.  Pay ranges for some titles could change.

Will my performance evaluation be affected?
No.  The Staff Job Title and Salary Study was about the work, not the worker.  Performance evaluation is about the employee's individual performance and was not a part of the study.

Why did HR conduct this study under current budget constraints at the University?
MU is planning for the future and the Student Support Services positions are mission critical to this planning effort.  A study of this nature has not been conducted since 1972.

Will my title change?
Mizzou currently has over 1600 distinct job titles for a population of 7500 employees.   Where titles involve similar duties and responsibilities it is likely that the number of titles will be reduced and consolidated without eliminating staff.  However, that does not preclude your department from using working titles.

Will my job duties change?
No.  But the job description (classification specifications) and/or the title could change.  

Will this affect my ability to advance in my career?
A career path for advancement may be clearer as a result of the study.

What will not change as a result of the study?
Existing organizational structures and reporting relationships will not change.  And job duties will not change.

Will I have to complete a PCQ as part of the study?
No.  The position classification questionnaire (PCQ) will not be necessary. 

How do you go about collecting information regarding specific jobs?

Existing job descriptions, organizational charts and other descriptive information used for recruiting and selection are reviewed to determine specific job content. Additionally, managers and supervisors are asked to provide up-to-date information regarding positions reporting to them. 

How do the results of the job evaluation determine salaries?

The levels and types of work performed in MU benchmark jobs help us match MU jobs to like jobs in the labor market.  Once the jobs are matched correctly, the salaries of the MU benchmark jobs can be compared to the salaries of the matched jobs to determine the competitiveness of MU pay.

If my title changes will my salary change?
Not necessarily.  An employee's title could change without an accompanying change in salary. 

If my salary does change, when will the change go into effect? 

September 1, 2011.

Additional duties have been added to my job.  Will I get a raise? 

If the complexity of the job increased, a pay raise could result if the job is evaluated at a higher level, though a pay raise would not be guaranteed.  If the complexity of the job did not increase, though more of the same duties were added, the job would not be evaluated at a higher level and a pay raise would not be considered, based on the job evaluation.

When will the other titles and job families be studied? 


It is too soon for us to know.  We will provide an update on this website when we begin evaluating the next job family.