Salary and Wage Principles

See Salary and Wage Principles for Fiscal Year 2018-19Adobe Acrobat Document

Supporting forms and documents

Delegation of Authority – Executive Order No. 6

In accordance with the January 19, 2010 revision to Executive Order No. 6, the following personnel actions pertaining to employment, changes in status and termination must be approved by the President:

  • All such personal actions for executive-level positions/appointments reporting directly to the Chancellor which are assigned to Occupational Group Code 15.
  • Other positions as determined by the President, in advance, for discretionary review.  Positions for discretionary review include athletic coaches, both new and existing employees, as changes are made to contracts and for compensation.

Chapter 320External Link of the Collected Rules and Regulations provides full details.

All increases must be in compliance with the provisions of Executive Order No. 6.