The Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) ProgramExternal Link is used to assure that final applicants for physically demanding jobs have the physical ability to do a job before they begin working. The goal is to reduce work related injuries. This program is being implemented throughout the UM System.

A complete list of the job titles included in this program can be found in the POET section of the risk and insurance managementExternal Link page. New employees in any of these jobs must successfully complete the test.  Current employees who transfer to a position with a higher physical demand, are also required to pass the test.  Physical demand testing is required for both full time and part time employees.  Additional service and maintenance jobs with significant physical demands are being reviewed for inclusion in the POET Program.

Highest demand   Level 4   Electricians

                             Level 3   Grounds Keepers

                             Level 2   Custodians

Lowest demand    Level 1   Food Service Workers