When an employee’s employment authorization expires, the employer must reverify his or her employment eligibility.  The reverification should occur no later than the date the employee’s work authorization expires.

Human Resource Services will send a monthly report to Divisional Fiscal Officers (DFO) and CAPS Center Leads.  The report informs divisions of employees who have a future expiring work authorization date, giving more than four months advance notice of the expiration.  This report should be distributed to the department level as necessary so that the information reaches the employee.

Human Resource Services has also implemented a practice of contacting the employee directly regarding reverification of their authorization to work.  It is important that this information reaches the employee, both from HRS as well as the department.  This communication to the employee from HRS will first be made 120-150 days prior to work authorization expiration.  If the necessary paperwork has not been received, Human Resource Services will send another communication to the employee 30-40 days prior to work authorization expiration.  The supervisor, DFO, and CAPS Lead will be copied on this email. Please see the Work Authorization Process TimelineAdobe Acrobat Document for more details on the steps in this process.

How to reverify an employee’s employment eligibility

Step 1: Request the employee present either List A document(s) OR List B and List C documents.  All    documents must be original   

Step 2: Verify that documents presented are acceptable documents from List A or List B and List C

Step 3: Complete Section 2 of Form I-9.  See How to complete the I-9 Form.

             Note: the employee does not complete Section 1.

Step 4: Attach copies of the documents to the I-9

Step 5: At the top of the I-9, write “Reverification” as well as the employee’s EmplID.  DO NOT process reverification I-9’s through E-Verify

Step 6: Send original I-9 and copies of documents presented to:

Rebecca McLeland
801 Conley Avenue, 325 Jesse Hall
HR/Payroll Operations

Note: Since I-9’s are filed centrally in Human Resource Services, section 3 of the I-9 form should not be used to complete the reverification process.

Important Note:  If the person who originally completed section 2 is unavailable to make corrections

If the person who originally completed/signed section 2 of the I-9 form is unavailable to make the corrections to the I-9, for example, the person has terminated his or her employment with the University or if the employee has transferred to another department, do not make the changes. The person who reviewed the original documents and completed section 2 must make the necessary corrections.  Please attach a note documenting the reason the corrections cannot be made.

Sample Note:

May 1, 2013
Employee: John Jones, EmplID 12345678
Sarah Jones is no longer employed by the department of Human Resource Services, therefore corrections to Section 2 of the I-9 cannot be made.
Jane Smith
Administrative Assistant
Human Resource Services