Criminal Background Checks


The final candidate for a university position is required to undergo a background checkExternal Link prior to beginning the duties of the new position. 

For positions that are recruited through eRecruit, the process for initiating the background check includes:

  1. Hiring Manager set finalists up for a Pre-employment Check in PeopleSoft, and selects basic HireRight package.
  2. Hiring Manager confirms finalist's Name, email. Then completes job opening opening data: Job opening #, Hiring Manager, department, and job title.
  3. The finalist's status will update to Request Initiated.
  4. Hire Right will email a web link, temporary login and password to the finalist.

For job not recruited in eRecrut, the process for initiating the back ground check includes:

  1. Supervisors must provide finalists information on how to access the online system and a list of the identifying information the finalist will need to enter into the system.
  2. This can be communicated with a candidate instruction letter.
  3. Finalists must log into HireRight's secure website and complete the authorization and the disclosure information.

The following serves as a guide in determining when a criminal background check is required.

Criminal background check (CBC) is required: CBC is not required:

New hire/rehire
Includes: academic titles; staff titles; benefit eligible; non-benefit eligible; full time; part time; temporary; students in academic or staff titles

 All SOS (including concurrent)

New hire/rehire
Includes: MU students in student employee title; high school students in high school student title; rehire retiree in a non-benefit eligible position in same department within 90 days of retirement
Promotion to a new department
Includes: staff and academic positions
Promotion within the same department
Includes: staff, academic and student positions
Transfer to a new department
Includes staff and academic positions
Transfer within the same department
Includes: staff, academic and student positions
Promotion or transfer within the same department
When the employee is promoted/transferred from a title that does not require a CBC to a title that does (e.g. student title to staff title)
 Transfer to an Interim appointment in either same or different department.
International employee
Has currently or previously spent six months or longer in the United States
International employee
Arriving directly from foreign country with no previous work or residency in the United States
  Direct promotion
  Position reclassification
  Courtesy appointment

Concurrent appointment (non benefit eligible)

  Extra compensation
  Additional pay

*Note: There are situations where criminal background checks may be required due to other criteria. Examples include but are not limited to grant, credentialing and licensing requirements.  In these instances, a department may work with the Missouri State Highway Patrol or set up on account with our criminal background check vendor, HireRight.  Instructions for departments to establish special accounts are available.

If you have specific questions, please contact Human Resource Services at 573-882-7976. We appreciate your cooperation as we continue to work closely with the University of Missouri System, the Provost’s Office, and our vendor to ensure a background check process that is consistent, timely, and efficient.