Dec. 17, 2013

Missouri law increases the minimum wage to $7.50 beginning January 1, 2014. As has been the case with previous increases, the University will programmatically update individual job records for hourly paid employees to reflect this change so departments do not have to process PAFs (including hourly paid employees who are on the monthly pay cycle (i.e. HRL appointments) and future dated rows).  The effective date of the increase will be January 1, 2014.


HRS will be distributing an updated employment law poster in 2014.  Until that time please modify the existing poster with the new minimum wage figure (e.g., place a sticker with the new minimum wage over the current Missouri minimum wage.)  Please note it is the Missouri minimum wage that is changing not the federal minimum wage so you should only change the Missouri figure.  Please check with your HRS representative, if you have any question about this issue.