Oct. 30, 2010

On November 1 the University of Missouri moves to a new recruitment system.  The look of both our online application and job postings has changed. 

Q: What is the biggest change in the new recruiting system?

A: All applicants will need to complete a new, online application.  To ease in this process, print a copy of your former, online  application and any other application materials that you have uploaded.  Human Resource Services does not currently provide copies of applications.

Q: Do I really need to complete the entire application if I attach my resume?

A: YES, all sections of the online application must be completed.  Applications determined to be incomplete will result in disqualification of the applicant. Resumes are not an acceptable alternative.

Q: Will I still only need one application to apply for all jobs posted by Human Resource Services?

A: YES, Staff job vacancies for MU, Extension, and UM System will still be managed by Human Resource Services.  There will still be two separate sites for reviewing posted staff and academic jobs.  Job openings at MU Healthcare will be available at jobs.muhealth.orgExternal Link

Q: Will I still be able to apply for multiple jobs at the same time?

A: Applicants will be able to apply for more than one job at a time.  Each job that is posted will have skill related questions that are a part of the application process.  Be sure to answer ALL these questions. Applications are considered incomplete if any part of the Applicant Questionnaire is not answered.  However you can customize a cover letter or resume for a hiring supervisor, if you apply for jobs one at a time.

Q: What kinds of attachments will the new system allow?

A: There are no limitations on file type.  There is a 20 MB file size maximum.  There are two separate areas where you can upload application materials.  There is a Resume section were you may upload different file each time you apply.  Applicants who wwant to submit customized cover letters with their application, can combine a cover and resume into a single document an up load it in the Resume section of the application process.

There is also a Cover Letter and Attachment area.  There are several different files including cover letters, reference letters, list of references, and transcripts that you may add in support your application.  When naming your attachments, include the Job Opening ID number or job title in the title of the attachment. All files saved in the Cover Letters and Attachments area, will be available for review by hiring managers for every job for which you apply. Check the job posting information to determine if specific items are required by the department.

Q: Will applicants still be able to find job openings for all University jobs in the Columbia area?

A: All benefit eligible job vacancies for MU, Extension and UM System will be available at the HRS website. There are separate links for staff and academic vacancies.  Part time jobs may also be posted, but may have different posting periods than benefit eligible jobs. The job listing for MUHealthcare is available at jobs.muhealth.org.

Q: Will applicants be able to sort job vacancies?

A: The new job list can be sorted by job title, department, date, location and recruiter. The default sort is by date, with the newest posting at the top of the list.

Q: How frequently will the Jobs List be updated?

A: The Jobs List will continue to be updated on a daily basis.  .

Q: If the Application Deadline is November 8, when should I apply?

A: We encourage you to apply as soon as you see a job for which you qualify.  For an application deadline of November 8, you may apply for this position until 11:45PM on that day.  This vacancy will be removed from the website just before midnight (Central time) on November 8.  There will be occasions when regular maintenance is done over the weekend. You may experience outages between midnight Saturday and 6am Sunday;during that time the job list may be temporarily unavailable.