Aug. 26, 2009

REMINDER:  Changes to the overtime policy were effective August 23, 2009.  A letter to all employees was sent from Betsy Rodriguez last week reminding them of this change.  HR 211 – OvertimeExternal Link and Overtime Q&AsExternal Link have been revised consistent with this change.

 If you are in a Webtime department and using the on-line timesheet, please remind all the employees in your division/department to use the timesheet that is available on the Records Management web page.  Employees should be reminded to delete the old version of the timesheet if they saved it to the desktop.  The new timesheet includes actual hours worked in calculating overtime.  Time not worked but paid such as vacation, sick, etc. will be included in regular pay but will not count toward overtime. 

 The new version of the timesheet is found at the following URL: Link

 If you are in a Time&Labor (T&L) department, the T&L timesheet has been modified consistent with the change to the policy. 

 Please be sure to communicate this information in your division/department.  As supervisors review time for approval for the pay period August 23 – September 5, 2009, they should confirm that employees have used the correct timesheet.  Contact Jatha Sadowski sadowskij@missouri.eduMail To or 882-4859 with questions.