08/27/19 JFI updated language

08/14/19 eMail in lieu of meeting, information on the following:

  • Offer Letters
  • Payment Gross-up Requests
  • Final Paychecks for Deceased Employees
  • New Termination Reason Codes

07/24/19 Off-cycle authorization form

06/20/19 June HRDC Minutes

05/14/19 Student Record Reminders - Summer MU

04/18/19 April HRDC Minutes

04/15/19 Faculty Pay Option Forms

02/21/19 February HRDC Minutes

01/04/19 Off-cycle Payment Processing Change


12/05/18 Winter Break Q&As

12/04/18 Early Dismissal before Holiday Breaks

11/30/18 New ePAF Form - Work Address Changes

09/20/18 September HRDC Minutes

08/16/18 August HRDC Minutes

08/06/18 Moving Expenses

08/03/18 Graduate Assistantships

07/02/18 Shared Leave Campus HR Communication

07/02/18 2018-19 Salary & Wage Guidelines

06/29/18 ASIA Training

06/21/18 June HRDC Agenda & Minutes

06/21/18 PPT from June HRDC meeting

05/18/18 ePAF updates

04/19/18 April HRDC Agenda & Minutes

04/19/18 Management Fundamentals Certificate dates

04/19/18 PPT from April HRDC meeting

04/17/18 ePAF Auto-Withdraw Process

03/15/18 March HRDC Agenda & Minutes

03/15/18 PPT from March HRDC meeting

02/15/18 February HRDC Agenda & Minutes

02/15/18 PPT from February HRDC meeting

02/16/18 Direct Deposit access available for employees through myHR

02/12/18 NER sheet and the Onboarding Email


12/08/17 CRR 340.045 Winter Break

12/07/17 BOC approve new rules re: benefits - Winter break, Shared Leave, Educ Assistance Amendment

11/28/17 MO Minimum Wage Change for 2018

10/19/17 Cloned Position Number during Vacation Payout for Retirement (PLOA-VPO)

09/18/17 Non-Exempt Academic Leave and Holiday

08/02/17 Final Check for Involuntary Terminations

07/28/17 9.2 Paygroups and Default Earnings Codes (Query info too)

07/06/17 Retirement Vacation Accrual Worksheet

01/05/2017 Adjusting the PS 9.2 Re-implementation Project TimelineAdobe Acrobat Document

01/03/2017 Notice of Intent to Retire UpdatesAdobe Acrobat Document


10/20/2016 October HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

10/18/2016 Payroll Phone LineAdobe Acrobat Document

10/13/2016 Onboarding Email UpdatesAdobe Acrobat Document

09/16/2016 HR Security RequestsAdobe Acrobat Document

09/15/2016 September HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

08/19/2016 July HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

08/5/2016 Management Fundamentals Certificate SeriesAdobe Acrobat Document

8/1/2016 Administrative Leave ProcessingAdobe Acrobat Document

7/1/2016 Processing Fee for Off-Cycle Payroll PaymentsAdobe Acrobat Document

6/16/2016 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

6/13/2016 PCQ New DocumentsAdobe Acrobat Document

5/11/2016 ePAF FormattingAdobe Acrobat Document

4/28/16 HRS New ToolsAdobe Acrobat Document

4/21/2016 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

4/15/16 New CAPS Service - ANF CreationAdobe Acrobat Document

02/18/2016 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

01/20/16 Leave Accrual Process NoticeAdobe Acrobat Document


12/17/15 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

11/20/15 Missouri Minimum WageAdobe Acrobat Document

10/26/15 ePAF Attachments

10/15/15 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

10/20/15 Parking Adjustments for Football Game on Thursday, Nov. 5 Adobe Acrobat Document

9/17/2015 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

8/25/15 ePAF Update - Processing Layoff without signed TAPAdobe Acrobat Document

8/20/15 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

8/17/15 Interim Appointments

6/22/15 Salary & Wage Follow UpAdobe Acrobat Document

6/18/15 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

6/18/15  Salary & Wage Guidelines and related documents

6/9/2015 Guide for Unemployment Appeal Hearings now availableAdobe Acrobat Document

6/8/2015 Faculty Summer Benefit ClarificationAdobe Acrobat Document

6/8/2015 Retirement ePAF RequirementAdobe Acrobat Document

5/18/2015 Recruitement and Hiring Overview TrainingAdobe Acrobat Document

5/07/2015 ACA - no additional funding is neededAdobe Acrobat Document

4/16/2015 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

4/15/05 HR 504 Revised - Background Checks and Criminal ConvictionsAdobe Acrobat Document

4/13/2015 CBC Kiosk Links to HireRightAdobe Acrobat Document

4/7/2015 Shift Differential Rule UpdateAdobe Acrobat Document

4/6/2015 Updated Statement in Offer Letter TemplatesAdobe Acrobat Document

3/19/15 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

2/19/15 HRDC MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

2/26/15 HRS-generated Staff Offer Letters (Benefit-eligible) Adobe Acrobat Document

1/27/15 Notice of Intent to Retire - Updated FormAdobe Acrobat Document


12/29/14 LTD Provider ChangeAdobe Acrobat Document

12/18/2014 HRDC Meeting MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

11/20/2014 HRDC Meeting MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

11/17/2014 Harassment Training Notice of Mandatory TrainingAdobe Acrobat Document

11/10/2014 On-line Check Request ProcessAdobe Acrobat Document

11/07/2014 Updated Onboarding emailsAdobe Acrobat Document

10/27/2014 Automated Vacation Payout Process Q&AAdobe Acrobat Document

10/16/2014 HRDC Meeting MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

09/29/2014 Vacation Payout Policy ChangeAdobe Acrobat Document

09/29/2014 Administrative Guidelines - Employee CompensationAdobe Acrobat Document

09/18/2014 HRDC Meeting MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

09/12/2014 Notice of Intent to Retire - Announcement Links to Updated 2015 NOIAdobe Acrobat Document

07/17/2014 HRDC Meeting MinutesAdobe Acrobat Document

07/11/2014 ePAF Update - NotificationsAdobe Acrobat Document

07/07/2014 Payroll Processing ChangeAdobe Acrobat Document

07/03/2014 Salary & Wage Instructions FY15

06/27/2014 Defined Benefit Guidelines - Retirement PlansAdobe Acrobat Document

06/19/2014 HR Service Center available to Faculty and StaffAdobe Acrobat Document

06/19/2014 HRDC Minutes - JuneAdobe Acrobat Document

04/24/14 Two Weeks in Lieu of NoticeAdobe Acrobat Document

3/14/2014 ePAF Update - Processing Layoff without signed TAPAdobe Acrobat Document

Feb 2014 Emergency Closure Q&AsAdobe Acrobat Document


07/20/2013 FICA Exemption CommunicationAdobe Acrobat Document


12/27/2012 Emeritus CommunicationAdobe Acrobat DocumentEmeritus Processing ProcedureAdobe Acrobat Document