The following job title and job code will be used by the departments for all postdoctoral fellows who are compensated by the university but are not considered employees of the university.

Postdoctoral Fellow Stipend (6991)

This job title is to be used in instances in which the funding agency specifically prohibits the establishment of an employer-employee relationship between the university and postdoctoral trainee as a condition of the award (NRSA awards are the most common example of this kind of award) and others who are receiving a "true fellowship" as defined by IRS regulations. These postdocs receive support to aid in the pursuit of research training. This support cannot represent payment for performance of any past, present or future teaching, research or other services. These postdocs will establish an educational relationship with MU by becoming financially enrolled.

Even though these postdocs are not employees, they will be paid through the payroll system. Payment to people who meet the stipend supported criteria for postdoctoral fellow stipend will be subject to the withholding for state and federal taxes. Note: FICA will not be withheld for this group of postdocs if they are funded by NRSA awards. Additionally, the postdocs will not be eligible for the university tax deferred investment programs because the funding agency prohibits the establishment of an employer-employee relationship between the university and the postdoctoral fellow as a condition of the award.

Postdoctoral Fellow (6990)

This job code continues to be available for employee/employer relationships. This job title will be used for appointments of postdoctoral trainees who are supported by grants, contracts and other funding sources that do not prohibit employee status as a condition for funding. These individuals create an employer-employee relationship by providing services to MU for compensation and can be benefit-eligible employees of MU if employed at 75 percent or greater FTE for at least nine month duration.

Senior status

Senior can be applied to both employee and non-employee postdoctoral titles and provides a mechanism to recognize significant advancement in the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are needed to function as an independent investigator. Senior titles are "working titles" and therefore do not have specific job codes and do not necessarily suggest a higher pay range. Senior status will be reflected on the PAF as a working title.

Concurrent jobs

People in the Postdoctoral Fellow Stipend (6991) are not considered employees of the university. To protect their unique status, they cannot be hired into concurrent jobs with the university.

Process for appointing non-employee postdoctoral fellow-stipend recipients

Step I: Prepare Hire ePAF

  1. Select employee group Academic and enter position number
  2. Change FICA status to exempt if requirements are met *
  3. Enter compensation rate as 0.01 (ePAF requires an amount, CAPS will change to 0.00 after loading hire ePAF)
  4. Attach offer letter, additional pay PDN information and any other documentation deemed relevant to hire

When the job code is 6991 the non-employee will be full-time and temporary. The non-employee postdoctoral fellow will not be eligible for university employee benefits but will qualify for graduate student benefits.

* A PAF claiming exemption from FICA requires approval from the office of sponsored programs. Their approval will verify that the funding is from NRSA, which is currently the only funding that is exempt from FICA withholding.

Step II: Prepare an Additional Pay Form

An additional pay form is required as non-employees in 6991 are paid through additional pay, not job data. Once prepared the additional pay form will need to be attached to the hire ePAF as the ePAF does not support the PDN earnings code.

PAF field number

Field name

New data


Earnings code



Effective date

Matches Effective Date on PAF


Earnings end date

Year after effective date


Earnings per pay

Amount to be paid each month


Goal amount

Total amount to be paid for year


Job code


Step III: New Employee Registration

Once the hire is submitted the non-employee will follow the regular onboarding process as a means to collect the employee’s personal, tax, I-9 and direct deposit information and is not a reflection of an employee-employer relationship.

Neither a criminal background check nor appointment notification is required for non-employee postdoctoral fellow-stipend recipients.