As of Monday, December 9, 2019, HRS has moved to #15 Jesse Hall (ground level)

Employee Resources


New Employees

It is strongly recommended that you complete the following checklist within 30 days of your start date: 

  1. Attend New Employee Registration
    • NER must be completed by your first day of work. 
  2. *Attend New Employee Orientation
  3. *Enroll for health benefitsExternal Link
    • You must enroll within 31 days of your start date.
  4. *Explore voluntary retirement plans if you desireExternal Link
  5. Update your contact information for the emergency notification systemExternal Link
  6. Get a parking pass
  7. Get an employee ID External Link
  8. Complete mandatory HR trainingExternal Link
    • Check with your supervisor for other mandatory training specific to your job.

*NOTE: These items only apply to benefit-eligible employees. 

Current Employees

Getting paid

  • myHRExternal Link: see current and past paychecks and more


Pay dates




Other resources