Q: What does myHR offer me?

A: myHR gives you access to view and change specific information at any time. myHR allows you to enter information and to verify that the change was made. myHR provides a secure environment where you control personal information.

Q: What makes this site secure?
A: You enter information directly to the Human Resources database. HR staff will only view as business needs arise.

Q: Why can’t I change more information electronically?   
Certain changes require HR staff to take action in other areas. As tools are enhanced, other updates will be activated.

Q: I can change my Federal tax withholding, but not Missouri. Why?   
The State of Missouri does not recognize electronic submission of tax information. To make changes to your Missouri Tax information, please download the MO W-4 form accessible on the UM System Forms webpage and submit it to MU Payroll Office.