HR-402 VacationsExternal Link explains the university’s vacation policy in detail and includes charts summarizing the accrual rates.

Personal days

See HR-403 Personal DaysExternal Link for general information.

Moving from an academic position to a staff position

HR-113External Link includes the following regarding the proration of personal days when an employee transfers from an academic position to an administrative, service and support staff position: 

Academic staff members are not credited with vacation, sick leave and personal days. When the academic staff member becomes administrative, service and support, personal days will be prorated beginning with the month of the original date of hire (i.e., benefit eligibility date). Vacation and sick days will begin to accrue as of the date of transfer.

Time between date of transfer and employee's anniversary date Pro rata personal day adjustment
> 1 day ≤ 3 months 1 day
> 3 months ≤ 6 months 2 days
> 6 months ≤ 9 months 3 days
> 9 months ≤ anniversary date 4 days

Sick leave

See HR-404 Sick LeaveExternal Link

Military leave

See HR-405 Military LeaveExternal Link

Family and medical leave

See HR-407 Family and Medical Leave ActExternal Link

Jury Duty

See HR-410 Legal ProceedingsExternal Link

Funeral leave

See HR-412 Funeral LeaveExternal Link


See HR-411 VotingExternal Link