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Staff Job Title and Salary Study

In 2010, Human Resource Services conducted a pilot study to assess our compensation and classification programs.  Over 120 job titles were reviewed using a new job evaluation tool. As a result of the pilot study the University of Missouri - Board of Curators approved the Staff Job Title and Salary Study, a comprehensive review of all staff titles.

The study is now complete.  To determine the internal equity among titles, all staff job titles (except service/maintenance) were reviewed and evaluated in the Global Grading System (GGS).  The University collected market data and developed new pay ranges to create a new compensation structure (GGS) consisting of 16 pay grades. This new structure is more equitable and competitive than our prior system.  In moving to the new pay structure, over 1,400 job titles were consolidated into approximately 700 global titles.  In April 2014, approximately 5700 employees were converted to the GGS titles and pay structure. 

With fewer titles, the new global title hierarchy looks to create opportunity and clarity in the levels of work, while developing distinct career paths. The new global title structure provides a consistent compensation and classification framework across all of the campuses. This gives departments the flexibility to use working titles to best clarify the array of important roles each staff member plays in the organization.

While most employees’ titles changed as a result of the study, no employee lost pay.  In situations where an employee was paid below the minimum of the pay range for their title, the employee’s rate of pay was increased to the pay range minimum. 

The University will continue to assess market data for periodic adjustments to the pay ranges.  New guidelines are being developed to assist managers and supervisors in administering salaries within their departments.  Human Resource Services will continue to work with the department management to assess positions. 

Detailed information on the global groups reviewed can be found to the right of this page.

Questions?  For more information, we welcome you to contact our Salary Study team.

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