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Competencies matrix


Entry Specialist Expert Principal
Demonstrates basic technical skills at the depth and scope required for the position. Demonstrates intermediate technical skills at the depth and scope required for position. Functional, working knowledge of technologies within area of specialty. Demonstrates advanced technical skills in carrying out responsibilities of position. Applies technology within and outside the body of knowledge and specialty of this position. Recognized in local IT community as the Expert for a major technology area.

Problem Solving & Analysis

Entry Specialist Expert Principal
Developing basic problem-solving skills and appropriately applying proven solutions. Consistently delivers prescribed outcomes in a timely and accurate manner with appropriate guidance. Routinely and accurately recognizes new problems and determines working solution. Seeks new solutions to existing problems. Work assignments are typically given in terms of expected outcomes. Autonomously analyzes complex problems; identifies critical elements and alternatives, organizes existing resources and new information to implement most appropriate solution. Identifies emerging requirements and solutions. Understands needs of broader community, state of industry to design significant integrated solutions which successfully address the depth and scope requirements of all customers. Incorporates creative thinking to find optimum solution.

Communication & Interaction

Entry Specialist Expert Principal
Demonstrates listening and oral and written communication skills sufficient to understand and carry out routine assignments. Interactions occur within defined parameters. Is able to communicate and interact with audience at level of detail required to resolve issues of moderate complexity. Is able to communicate and interact to readily and clearly define issues and predict effects / outcomes. Ensures users understand the scope of their requests and the consequence of their decisions. Communicates problems, technologies and policies with a wide and / or diverse audience. Frequently requires skills to instruct, advise, and / or consult multi-specialty / multi-department teams.


Entry Specialist Expert Principal
Realizes the contributions of others and productively works within a team environment. Works both independently and on a team and may have some responsibility for team deliverables. Responsible for interfacing team deliverables. Frequently has team leadership responsibilities. Leads the local IT community to cost effective solutions and ensures existing resources (systems & people) are utilized to fullest extent for maximum benefits to the community.

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