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Compensation and classification principles

The following principles are a part of the Information Technology (IT) classification and compensation system. These principles  govern the general administration of the IT compensation structure.

  • For IT positions, the initial determination of the appropriate level is made by the hiring supervisor or members of the hiring department.
  • Staff of Human Resource Services (HRS) is available to assist departments in determining the correct classification and compensation for positions.
  • Not all of the titles or levels in the IT compensation structure are available to individual departments. Some titles are reserved for central IT unit use only.
  • Departments need to consider internal equity as they make compensation decisions. It may be necessary to adjust individual salaries within the range to achieve internal equity.
  • Departments will have the option to pay up to the mid-point of the new salary range. Compensation beyond the mid-point will require special approval from Human Resource Services.
  • Promotions to a higher level within a title series requires a minimum of four months of work experience in the current assigned level and a minimum of four months of direct supervision by the supervisor authorizing the promotion. This provision applies to transfers within and between departments.  Appropriate approvals are required for level changes.
  • The appropriate level (Entry, Specialist and Expert) is determined by the department using a competency matrix. Some select titles with level designation of "expert", "principal" and "master" in non-IT departments require special approval.
  • No pay adjustments will be awarded for lateral transfers.
  • When a department needs to recruit to fill IT positions, the posting will be done by title with no level designation, e.g. User Support Analyst, Programmer/Analyst. This will give each hiring unit the discretion to staff vacancies at the level, e.g. entry, specialist, that fits the skill set of the person being hired. The salary offer must be appropriate based on the job title, job level and experience for the person selected.
  • The process for creating an IT position in a department requires completion of the IT PCQ. The department will identify the appropriate title. The position will be posted using the PCQ information. The appropriate level of the position will be determined after the department has identified the successful candidate.

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