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Alphabetical staff listing

This is a list of each HRS staff member's contact information. If you are not sure who you need to contact, our general contact lines can put you in touch with the right person:

Human Resource Services


NamePhoneFaxJob title
Blythe, Kendall573 882-2745Human Resource Specialist I
Burris, Connie573-884-6258Human Resources Specialist II
Cockrum, Chelsea573 882-2695Human Resources Assistant
Cover, Cindy(573)882-6330Sr. Human Resources Consultant
Fogelbach, Gary573-882-1259Human Resources Specialist II
Gregg, Bonnie573-882-4840Sr. Human Resources Consultant
Groshong, Susan 573-882-2943Human Resource Specialist III
Guinn, Neil573-882-3817573-884-0168User Support Analyst
Haberberger, Patty573 882-4256Vice Chancellor Human Resource Services
Halliburton, Taylor573 882-9088Human Resource Assistant
Jennings, Krista573-884-6190Sr. Human Resources Consultant
Jones, Keesha573-882-3887Human Resources Specialist III
Jones-Jackson, Kim573-882-4058Sr Human Resources Manager
Long, Teresa573-882-3690Sr. Human Resources Consultant
Martin, Frances573-884-7913573-884-0047Human Resources Specialist I
McDonald, Kimberlyn573-884-2066Senior Human Resources Consultant
McKenzie, Amy573-882-6548Assoc. Director, HR Services & Payroll Operations
McLeland, Rebecca573-882-8088573-884-0047Human Resources Specialist I
Moorefield, Mackenzie573-882-3840Associate Director Human Resources
Morris, Sharon573-882-5509Office Support Assistant III
Patrie, Leslie573 882-4859Executive Assistant
Pekkala, Elizabeth573-882-7938573-884-0047Human Resources Specialist I
Recruiter, .573 882-7976Recruiter
Reitz, Sam573 884-7233Senior Human Resources Consultant
Roberts, Eunice573 882-7976Office Support Assistant III
Rohrer, Dan573-882-4849User Support Analyst
Sadowski, Jatha573-882-1480Director II, Human Resources
Sadowski, Kaitlyn573-882-3795573-884-0047Human Resources Specialist I
Spiers, Peggy573-884-7274Sr. Human Resources Consultant
Tan, Qi Jady573 882-0900Human Resource Assistant
Todd, Judy573-882-5509NRA Taxation Specialist
Woodbury, Kay573-882 -7976Human Resources Assistant
Zimmerman, Chris573-882-4256Senior Executive Assistant
Zulovich, Joyce573-882-0991Human Resources Specialist I

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Last updated: Nov. 15, 2017